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CEO Message:

The name “3J Solutions” reflects our business’s origins and forms the foundation for its long-term sustainability and rapid transformation into a leading engineering maintenance/Construction-renovation & facility Management services provider in our area of specialization.

We have been willing to expand both in terms of portfolio and markets by exploring new horizons since Team 3J Solutions is an amalgamation of top management who share the same passion; this power of the people has been driving our Company’s growth and success.

Our workers continue to focus all of our business resources on providing professional services to meet the needs of our clients, in addition to fulfilling our social responsibilities. To that end, we would like to ask for your continuous patronage and support in order to better serve all of our clients.

We continue to enhance our teams’ professional skills by providing them with multifarious exposure within the corporate industries and markets we serve, with the knowledge that it is an absolute prerequisite for keeping our competitive edge.

A consistent flow of business from 3J Solutions clients is a very positive sign, and it shows customer confidence and trust in 3J management’s vast and diverse experience. This honor is inextricably linked to 3J Solutions’ consistent track record of completing successful projects every year.

In the coming years, we affirm our commitment, Insha Allah, to remain committed to excellence to stay abreast of innovation, to use advanced project management and construction processes, and to continue with strategic growth and investment throughout Pakistan.

I want to congratulate all those on Team 3J Solutions for their hard work and devotion, as well as our valued customers and shareholder for their continuous trust and confidence.

Chief Executive Officer

3J Solutions Engineering Group

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