3J Construction and Renovation

With the arrival of summer, the warming of the weather reveals the need for people to change or renovate the environment in which they live. Because the cold and rainy weather in winter does not provide ideal conditions for renovations to be made at homes or workplaces, renovation works are also postponed to the spring and summer months. The warm weather in the spring and summer months provides better conditions for the renovation-repair works. So, what kind of process do we understand when we say renovation works
Renovation The dictionary meaning of the word “renovation” is “change”. While this change sometimes reveals a new structure and formation, sometimes it covers repair processes. Accordingly, while people are modifying their homes and workplaces in line with their needs, sometimes they also need renovations for old buildings that do not fulfill usage functions. Although the renovation processes for homes and workplaces are similar in some points, there are also significant differences according to the size and purpose of use of workplaces.