General Order Supplies

Our aim is to provide cost efficient Electrical /Air Conditioning / Construction / Procurement on a larger scale, straight from the source. We offer civil works / supply solutions in the most demanding environments where lead times and supply locations are challenging. Working as a Civil Worker & General Order Supplier, we have commitment, dedication and support different fields to ensure perfect best quality service goods demanded by our customers.

Details of General Order Supplies

  • Building Construction Material
  • Electrical Material Supplies
  • Air-condition Units Supply & Installations ) IT Supplies & Installations
  • Plumbing Items & Accessories Supplies
  • Paint Material Supplies ) Generators & UPS Supplies
  • Solar Supplies & Installations ) Housekeeping Material Supplies
  • Telephone Exchange, Intercoms & Telephone Sets Supplies
  • Furniture Supplies ) Stationary Supplies
  • Security Surveillance Item Supplies
  • Diesel Supply for Generators


We are pro in our passion so you can just leave it on us

  • Construction Material
  • Sand, Bricks, Cement Iron, CGI Sheets Heavy Machinery
  • Construction & Renovation of Buildings
  • Heating & Cooling System
  • Design and Fabrication
    Office Equipment
  • Work Stations
  • Furniture s Photocopier
  • Chairs & Tables s Stationary
  • Projectors Cleaning & Janitorial Items

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Our Consultants bring their in-depth knowledge and experience to the table


Clearly plan the project's scope, objectives, and desired outcomes


Effective project management ensures that tasks are organized